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Excellent Lawyer

I was going thru a hard time and got an eviction notice and Scott was truly my hero. He worked with them and I was able to continue living in my home and don't have an eviction on my record. I have a very busy job and after I hired him. I didn't really have to do anything. He was an amazing lawyer. I would recommend him to anybody.

- Tracie

Did a Great Job

I highly recommend Scott Hildebrandt. Scott saved me money (on all the many other lawyers we talked to). He also saved my house, my sanity and my pending marriage, in what was one of the most difficult times in my life. He has the highest integrity, knows his stuff and how and when to be tough or gentle, depending on what needs to be done. He did a great job for us. Thank you again Scott.

- Eric

Got Us the Results We Wanted

Our family took Scott's advice regarding a landlord tenant dispute. Unfortunately our demands were not entirely met. We then hired him to write a strongly worded letter. That was all it took to reverse the landlords opinion. We were pleased to find that they agreed to our demands entirely. We were prepared to explore all our legal options but it wasn't even necessary. Scott listened to what we needed. Created a plan for action. Implemented the plan, and got us the results we wanted, FAST.

- Nate

Extremely Helpful

We contacted Mr. Hildebrand regarding a Tenant/Landlord issue not relating to an eviction or deposit. Mr Hildebrand was extremely helpful in providing us details regarding our rights and responsibilities as tenants. We are very thankful for his advise and would highly recommend him to anyone experiencing these types of issues. if our situation escalates, we will definitely hire Mr. Hildebrand to represent us!

- Christine

I Recommend Him

I received a past due notice from my landlord for fees dating back to 2015, and when I disputed the balance, my landlord served me with a 3-day notice. I was terrified. When I explained my problem to Scott during the initial consultation, he didn't make me feel pressured to hire him. He was very upfront about what the outcome could be. Once hired, he communicated with my landlord and their attorney and we were able to bring the issue to a favorable conclusion. I would definitely recommend him.

- Andrea

Very Helpful

Scott was very helpful in answering my questions regarding a landlord/tenant issue. I had a general idea of my case but with Scott's help he confirmed what I had thought to be true. His knowledge is expansive and really knows his stuff in this area of law. I would highly recommend him.

- Cameron