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Dealing with a business transaction or real estate dispute — including disagreements between landlords and tenants — can quickly become overwhelming. Having a skilled attorney you can trust to help you navigate these issues can make a big difference. If you are in the greater Seattle area, including Tacoma and Everett, and need guidance in real estate transactions, construction law, or contractual law, get in touch with legal counsel. Contact Scott Hildebrand, Attorney at Law PLLC to set up a free initial consultation.

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Scott Hildebrand

Scott Hildebrand

Attorney at Law

Scott has always been passionate about helping people. After providing counsel for nearly 14 years to the Master Builders Association, he started his own law practice in order to guide individuals and small businesses in the Seattle area when they need it the most. His experience in real estate, construction, and contract law allows him to translate complicated legal jargon into understandable language and actionable goals for every one of his clients. Whether you need to execute an eviction, understand a business contract, or respond to allegations made against you and your business, Scott will listen to your story and provide you with options to help you move toward resolution.


What To Expect From
Dedicated Legal Representation

Personalized Counsel

Scott's friendly yet practical approach to the practice of law is perfect for small businesses and individuals who will be just a number at a typical firm. You'll receive one-on-one attention as Scott listens to your goals, crafts a strategy based on your unique situation, and seeks favorable results, giving you guidance and support along the way.

Creative Solutions

Some think that in the legal world, there's only one way of doing things —only one path to a resolution, only one strategy for every solution. Nothing could be further from the truth. Scott encourages you to consider all of your options, and think creatively as part of a problem-solving, collaborative team.

Communication & Education

The law can be intimidating to the average person. Scott enjoys educating his clients on how the complexities of the legal system apply to their specific cases, breaking down difficult concepts so that they fully understand their options. He's available to answer any questions that arise in the process.

Why Do Clients Choose
Scott Hildebrand?

In Real Estate & Business Law, Collaboration Is Key

Any legal matter can be a heavy burden to bear, both personally and financially. It's especially frustrating when you are confronted with legal arguments and jargon. The places we call home, and the businesses we've worked so hard to make successful, should be free of frustrating legal issues. But this is not the reality we live in.

These legal matters are far more frustrating when you attempt to resolve them on your own. Allow a dedicated real estate attorney and construction lawyer to help. Since 2007, Scott Hildebrand has served individuals and businesses with excellent, accessible advocacy when they needed it. Your business's success depends on the fulfillment of obligations set forth in various contracts, including leases and other agreements. When someone doesn't fulfill their side of an agreement, you need to reach out for legal representation to assert your rights.

Any time you are concerned about a contract —either written or verbal —it's wise to put skilled counsel on your side. Attorney Scott Hildebrand will help you understand your rights and responsibilities in any contractual situation. He'll collaborate with you to help you to understand the agreement that was entered into and provide options to help you move forward. When it comes to real estate and business, sometimes a little bit of creativity can go a long way.

Don't go at this alone. At Scott Hildebrand, Attorney at Law PLLC, your contribution as part of an attorney-client partnership is essential to helping you seek a resolution and peace of mind. It doesn't matter where you're located in Washington: Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, or anywhere else in the state. Set up a free consultation to see how Scott can collaborate with you at any stage of your journey.